Endorse a Petition to Create a Master Plan for Charlestown for Responsible Growth and Development.

WHAT is a Master Plan?

A: A Master Plan is a document that guides the future growth of a community. 

It presents a vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives that help determine the strategies and tactics used in defining transportation, public safety, housing, schools and infrastructure capacity.

It is based on community input, existing development, social and economic conditions, environmental impact and land use. It serves as a basis for zoning and other government decisions that impact the populace.


Charlestown will grow from the current population of 18,901 to 25,000 by 2029. A 34% increase over the next ten years.

There are an additional 1000 vehicle trips per hour with the opening of the Encore Casino.  Congestion will continue to affect traffic and day to day travel.

Parents of school age children are facing and will continue to face inadequate school facilities and seats for their children. They will be forced to look elsewhere for educational and housing opportunities.

Increased Development Continues – Hood Park, 13 parcels around Rutherford Ave, & other potential sites continue without a Master Plan.

Economy and development MUST be balanced against preserving and strengthening our neighborhoods.  We need a comprehensive MASTER PLAN that ensures our voices are heard BEFORE development occurs.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Sign the petition linked below today: