BHCC Parking Lots Visioning Workshop

October 27, 2022. 6-7:30PM. Virtual Meeting

A note from 02129 Neighbor Alliance: The City has undertaken a land audit of underutilized city-owned parcels of land. The six-acre Community College Parking Lots were identified for redevelopment in order to “advance the use of public land for public good.”

A digital map of these parcels is available here. additional Charlestown parcels have been identified:

The parking lots will be planned within the PLAN: Charlestown process, and the community will co-write the RFP in the Fall of 2022.

“Our focus is on making sure that every square foot of that land is being used or planned to be used for the best and highest public good, and in some cases that could be new buildings to house residents or to meet needs in our neighborhoods, or to provide services that we want to see in every single neighborhood,” Wu said. “It could also be making sure that there’s a park and open space so that all of our neighborhoods have space where kids can go and families can take a walk and breathe in the fresh air.

“This is really about getting out into the neighborhoods and actualizing what the connection is between real-time needs and what we’re able to provide through city-owned resources,” she said.[1]

Please join the meeting to share your ideas for the redevelopment.


Please join the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) and members of the PLAN: Charlestown team virtually on October 27 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM for a collaborative visioning session about the future of the Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) parking lots, which are owned by the BPDA. This visioning session will seek feedback from the community to outline the goals for the future redevelopment of this site.

How to Participate

Register in advance for this meeting:

Meeting ID: 161 301 1121
Toll-Free Call-in Number: 833.568.8864

PLAN: Charlestown is the neighborhood’s ongoing comprehensive planning initiative led by the BPDA. For more information about PLAN: Charlestown, please visit the planning initiative website or contact Jason Ruggiero at

At this time, the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) is continuing to host public meetings in a virtual setting for the health, safety, and accessibility of Boston residents. For more information and updates, visit


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