Planning and Development Project Status September, 2020

PLAN: Charlestown, On hold for COVID-19 precautions.

In late September or early October, the canceled March Charlestown community event will be rescheduled. Based on what participants were saying at the January meeting, the topic will be about the history of Charlestown, and advancing the conversation about which parts of the neighborhood stakeholders think are most historic. enter your email address on this page under “stay informed” to join the update list.

“Under Review”

55 Bunker Hill Street. Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment. (Public / Private partnership. Joseph Corcoran Company and Leggat McCall Properties.) The proposed project consists of the redevelopment of the existing BHA Bunker Hill public housing development. The project scope includes the demolition of the existing 1,100 unit BHA site and the construction of 2,699 mixed income residential units, approx. 73,000 square feet of retail/civic, off-street parking, and new public open space.

The developers have posted this video presentation online. The project has received a MEPA waiver for Phase 1 of the project.

Overseen by Raul Duverge, BPDA.

Here is what we know about the project:

 2,699 total units (1,010 Section 8 Voucher on site, 1,689 market rate units and then 100 deeply affordable on another mixed-income residential site in Charlestown, yet to be determined.

· Total Development (24 Acres) 63% of the units are market rate and 37% deeply affordable.

· Mixed-Income buildings (total of 11) are privately financed. A Minimum of 22% of the units in these buildings will be deeply affordable, remainder will be market-rate. Goal to increase ratio of deeply affordable : market rate units in later phases. 

· Deeply Affordable Buildings (total of 5) are publicly funded. Planned to be 100% deeply affordable units in these buildings. Will try to reduce to 90% deeply affordable with 10% of the units market rate.

· Finalizing the FAR and Parking requirements – TBD 

· Stantec is the architect and planner on record.

· 8 – 10 year schedule / 16 total buildings 

· Max height 10 stories – qty 4 buildings, 7 stories – qty 5 buildings, 6 stories – qty 7 buildings, 5 stories – qty 2, 4 stories – 8 buildings 

· 4 story buildings along Bunker Hill St. and 4 and 5 story buildings on Medford St. 

· Polk St. is a mix of 4-6 stories 

· Parking still being explored and discussed; presentation on 9/9/2020 eliminated the stand alone structures and incorporated into the buildings.

· Exploring feasibility of land under the Tobin Bridge for parking. 

· 2 football fields -worth of all publicly accessible space.  

· Article 80 BPDA process will include public and IAG meetings and include the following topics: Site Planning, Traffic / Parking, Construction Impacts, Retail Strategy, Phase 1: Exterior Building Design

· Currently no binding agreements or executed land lease with Joseph J. Corcoran Co. or Leggat McCall Properties for the Bunker Hill Housing Development. 

· Most recent public documents/filings publicly available on the BPDA website. and Video posted during COVID on

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8 Lawrence Street. George Sarkis, proponent. A demolition application has been submitted for this historic dwelling house built in 1813. An article 85 community meeting will be held virtually Thursday Sep 17th from 6-7PM. The purpose of this meeting is to inform the community about the proposed demolition and to present alternatives to demolition.

Virtual Meeting Link: MTID=e1fe5bcc521e28655b4411fc706912e38

Virtual Call In Number: 1-408-418-9388, access code 173 845 5020

“Letter of Intent”

201 Rutherford Avenue. New England Development. The proposed project consists of the development of approx. 46,407 square feet of an undeveloped portion of the Bunker Hill Mall. The proposed program consists of approx. 240 residential units together with residential amenities, surface and structured parking, and landscaping improvements.

The Article 80 process will begin soon, overseen by Raul Duverge, BPDA.

“Request for Proposals or Bids”

Building 108 Navy Yard. Environmental Remediation and Demolition of Building 108.

Pier 5. Navy Yard – TBD

“In Design”

Rutherford Avenue / Sullivan Square (City of Boston / Mass DOT) Rutherford Avenue.

292 Bunker Hill Street (Private / formerly Grasshopper Café.)

1 Thompson Square (Private / residential addition to the Landmarked Bank Building.)

Peace Park (MassDOT with formerly known as Mt. Vernon Street Plaza, Charlestown Coalition has permission to improve and maintain the park.) Sign the Petition of Support, and offer your opinion on 4 conceptual designs.

“Watch List*”

Main Street (Private / Duffy Lots)

6-8 and 7 Sherman St. (Private / recently changed ownership.)

Sullivan Square Parcels (BPDA / COB – TBD based on Rutherford Ave design and PLAN: Charlestown outcomes.)

Community College Parking Lots (COB owned – TBD based on PLAN: Charlestown outcomes.)

*The BPDA has agreed to a moratorium on RFP’s or the dispersal of any City or BPDA owned land until the completion of PLAN: Charlestown. These parcels will be planned for within the public process.

Bunker Hill Monument Grounds – (NPS, 2024 budget – restoration of perimeter fence.)

14 Green Street, Memorial Hall (Private – Community Preservation Act Funded restoration of exterior, Fall 2020.)

41 Bartlett Street.


Hood Park Master Plan

6 Stack Street 1 story retail within the Hood Park Master Plan Complex.

10 Stack Street AKA Indigo Headquarters within the Hood Park Master Plan Complex.

“Under Construction”

The Charlestown Bridge (Public Works) Charlestown Bridge.

100 Hood Park Drive. Mixed use building and parking garage within the Hood Park Master Plan Complex

Ropewalk. Navy Yard complex, 97 residential apartment units.

Kennedy Center (Private – Community Preservation Act Funded slate roof renovation.)

“Rejected Bids”

Parcel C-2A-5 (BPDA – Main Street and Rutherford at Sullivan Square aka EMS Substation.) RFP will be re-issued to include better “plans for Diversity & Inclusion” bids.

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