Mayor Walsh Agrees to a Master Plan for Charlestown

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Mayor Walsh Agrees to a Master Plan for Charlestown

Charlestown, MA. July 23, 2019

The Charlestown 02129 Neighbor Alliance is celebrating the news of a collaboration between Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) Director Brian Golden and the BPDA agency for responsible future growth and development for the Charlestown community.

Charlestown Preservation Society (CPS) President Amanda Zettel and Charlestown Historical Society (CHS) President Julie Hall announced the agreement after a meeting with the Mayor and City officials. The announcement of the Master Plan came after a strongly concerted effort by concerned citizens which included 22 neighborhood groups and organizations who submitted letters of support, 1600 signatures on a petition to endorse the Master Plan, and a flyers, banner, and signs campaign.

“We look forward to a transparent process, in shaping the Charlestown of the future,” says CPS President Amanda Zettel. “Beginning with community meetings in September, including the full presentation of Leggatt McCall’s proposed plan for the redevelopment of Bunker Hill Housing Development.”

Going forward,” Ms. Zettel adds, “We encourage our neighbors to participate in this exciting and meaningful work to collaborate for the betterment of Charlestown. Our campaign continues. Your voice matters. We continue to urge residents to sign the petition, participate in this process, attend the meetings and celebrate this wonderful town.”

About Charlestown

Charlestown is projected to grow from the current population of 18,901 to 25,000 by 2029. An increase of 34% over the next ten years in a community situated within one square mile.

Increased development in the Hood Park, 13 parcels around Rutherford Avenue and other potential sites for development continue without a Master Plan.

Parents of school-aged children are facing and continue to face inadequate school facilities and seats for their children.   A Master Plan will inform housing and future educational opportunities.

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Charlestown Historical Society

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