Meeting Announcement: Thu June 20th, 7PM

Please attend the third meeting for the Master Plan Working Group / ‘02129 Neighbor Alliance’ Thursday, June 20th, 2019 at 7PMBunker Hill Museum, side entrance on Monument Ave.

Please come if you have any questions around endorsing a Master Plan for Charlestown.

See attached flyer for more information. 

We will strategize on how to get our message to everyone in town – businesses, organizations and residents alike. Time is of the essence, during a meeting about the Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment, Eric Sheffles of Leggatt McCall mentioned casually that they are currently in talks with the state and city about planning and assigning use to the land underneath the Tobin Bridge as well as the Bunker Hill Community College Parking lots. This is land that could be put to use in solving our current space issues. The community MUST be considered when planning uses for those parcels. A Master Plan will not be retroactive, we need to get this planning initiative granted ASAP.

We have made great progress with our petition. Prior to this past Bunker Hill celebration weekend we had over 1,000 signatures. We can’t wait to find out how many Signatures our ‘We the People 02129’ group added to our count over the weekend. Thank you so much to all who got the message out – you were everywhere!

Let’s capitalize on the momentum and continue to spread the word person-to-person and door-to-door with both email and flyer campaigns. 


  • Please email a support letter on letterhead from the organizations that you represent to We plan to present these letters along with our petition to the Mayor and BPDA around the end of this month. 
  • Get the word out to your membership and neighbors and ask them to sign the petition directly: 
  • Please attend our meeting Thursday evening, 7PM Bunker Hill Museum (side entrance on Monument Ave.)
  • Please email us to volunteer to flyer houses in Charlestown. Many hands make light work! We will supply the flyers and assign a street or two that includes your own home. Let us know what street you live on and come pick up your stack of flyers Thursday night – if you can’t make it, we will get them to your door!

Thank you for your support – see you on Thursday night.

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