Endorse a MASTER PLAN for Charlestown Today!


Our neighborhood of Charlestown is in a transformative period that will change our community drastically.

Economic development MUST be balanced against preserving and strengthening our residential neighborhood. We NEED a comprehensive MASTER PLAN that ensures our voices are heard BEFORE development occurs.

Say What!?!

A Master Plan is a document designed to guide the future growth of a community.

A Master Plan presents a vision for the community’s future based on clear understanding of current issues and future needs plus the vision of residents and businesses for their desired future. It establishes goals and objectives for all decisions and activities that will affect the local community including safety, transportation, housing, land-use, quality of life, and economic development.

Specifically a Master Plan serves as a basis for zoning and other government decisions impacting the community.

Endorse a MASTER PLAN for Charlestown Today! Click the Petition below to sign:

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