Who We Are:

02129 Neighbor Alliance is an alliance of 32+ Charlestown, MA neighborhood organizations and 2,300 (and counting) residents in order to advocate for a comprehensive planning initiative for the neighborhood.

Representatives of the group regularly meet with the neighborhood’s elected representatives. In 2019 we garnered support of a neighborhood plan from our elected officials at the time – Mayor Martin Walsh, Massachusetts State Representative Dan Ryan, Boston District 1 City Councilor Lydia Edwards and At-large Boston City Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi-George.


A comprehensive plan for Charlestown was granted after a strongly concerted effort by this group with letters of support, 1600 signatures on a petition to endorse the Master Plan, and a public outreach campaign.

In January of 2020, Charlestown’s PLAN: Charlestown began with a community open house with over 500 attendees! PLAN: Charlestown is a comprehensive planning initiative that will produce a framework to predictably shape the future of the entire neighborhood of Charlestown. The public process will ultimately culminate in a document that outlines the priorities of the neighborhood both for new development, the preservation of the historic neighborhood, as well as public service and community benefit needs. All new development will be reviewed and approved or denied based on PLAN: Charlestown.

It is critical that EVERY member of the community participate in these planning meetings. Over 15 million square feet of new development has been proposed for the neighborhood since 2019. Development that could either responsibly support the existing neighborhood – or change the face of the neighborhood entirely. The future of Charlestown will be guided by this plan and the community members that participate. We must ensure that every voice is heard.

The plan will only go so far, we need to ensure that other city departments and agencies such as Boston Public Schools, Boston Transportation Department and Charlestown’s Zoning laws respect and plan for the ancillary needs of Charlestown’s growing population, and community needs. Endorsements and signatures on our petition will demonstrate the communities support and will persuade officials to act.

Please help us spread the word to all residents and business owners in Charlestown. All official planning meetings will be announced at the BPDA’s website, on this website and on this group’s Facebook page.

Please View more information on the PLAN: Charlestown page, and join the list:


What is PLAN: Charlestown ?

The Charlestown neighborhood of Boston in partnership with the Boston Planning and Development Authority (BPDA) is in the process of planning the future of Charlestown as well as solving for our current needs. PLAN: Charlestown is a comprehensive planning initiative that will produce a framework to predictably shape the future of the entire neighborhood of Charlestown. PLAN: Charlestown seeks to determine how to accommodate new contextually appropriate growth along the Rutherford Avenue Corridor and in Sullivan Square while preserving the character of its existing residential areas.

PLAN: Charlestown will establish a comprehensive and coordinated plan to ensure the equitable provision of infrastructure to support future land uses and development, mobility connections into and within Charlestown, parks and open space, climate resiliency, affordable housing, as well as strategies to enhance the existing community and preserve its historic assets. The PLAN: Charlestown team is also in close coordination with an interdepartmental working group across city departments and state transportation agencies.

Please sign-up for neighborhood and meeting alerts from the BPDA by clicking on “stay connected” at this link: http://www.bostonplans.org/planning/planning-initiatives/plan-charlestown

02129 Neighbor Alliance Mission Statement:

To ensure the entire community is involved in the development of Plan Charlestown so that the plan reflects the diversity, desires and needs of all our neighbors.

To do this we will:

• Be the trusted and verified source of data and information about Charlestown and the Plan
• Spread the word to create the widest possible engagement of every member of the community through education and communication
• Create a space for members of the community to engage in the conversations about specific issues in the plan, discuss disagreements respectfully, agree when possible and agree to disagree and move forward on plan advocacy when, where, and on what issues as appropriate.
• Provide resources and support to groups working on the following topics:

  1. Circulation, including transportation and pedestrian topics
  2. Education
  3. Land use, including open space, zoning and density
  4. Heritage and Cultural Resources and Preservation
  5. Economic Development
  6. Housing and Social Services

To volunteer and / or sign up for updates, please fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/b5Y9VDEqWfuWncc26